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Blackston, au coeur du Vanuatu

  • Galerie Label Image 11 Rue Auguste Brun Noumea, South Province New Caledonia (map)

Located in the middle of the South Pacific, Vanuatu was shaped by Nature. With its lush jungles, volcanoes and raging ocean, Vanuatu is a fascinating archipelago.

Ni-Vanuatu, despite living in difficult natural conditions managed to adapt to their environment. They face increasingly powerful cyclones and increasingly frequent volcanic eruptions, droughts or earthquakes.
To survive, they learned to live in the midst of an unpredictable and dangerous Nature but which they revere.
This distant land, where the four elements rub shoulders, is home to authentic cultures.

Alix Willemez and Arnaud Elissalde, two passionate photographers, take you through 24 photographs in this sacred land of Oceania.They were able to experience and photograph the rare atmosphere of this archipelago. It will remain forever in their memories.

Their various journeys in the heart of Vanuatu are each truly humbling.

Blackston, meaning "volcanic stone" in Bislama, invites you to reflect on the place of Man facing the force of Nature.

Poster by Rudy Gambarini